A BIG thank you

11 October 2010 on Blog by jen

There are a lot of people that I have to thank. There is no order to this and hopefully I have remembered everyone that I need to mention.

Firstly, thank you to Emma, who let me bounce my plan off her on that cold, wet Sunday and gave me the encouragement to 'go big or go home'. Thank you for also making me laugh and playing travel agents with me.

Sam, thank you for your constant support and help. There is seriously nothing that you can't do. Of that I am sure.

Thank you Lay, for for being a good friend and coming up with the name. Yes, you are a genius and I am sure that you won't let me forget that.

Jasper, I know I have said it a few times already, but thank you for ALL of your advice. You are a good friend and I am indebted.

Chris, I owe you a few drinks don't I...!!

Vix, what can I say!? We are doing it!! Thank you for being such a talent.

Katy and Ruffio, thank you for getting excited with me back in September. (Jesus, September.) You have no idea how much I needed that!!

Thank you to Chris of UHY Hacker Young. I cannot recommend Chris more highly so here is my plug to anyone looking for an accountant. He is brilliant. Thank you for responding to my Friday Fire Bombs with a smile.

Steve of http://www.victoryag.org/river_services.htm
Inky Solutions, thank you for sorting my business cards and providing me with the 'Wallace rip test', to ensure that I ended up with quality.

To Gemma at Lloyds TSB - thank you! It makes such a difference to be able to talk to real person who understands what I need. Please don't ever leave.

Jodie, Will, Webber, Emma VK, Greg, Paicer, Ali, Joe and Fred - thank you for being my sounding boards, for your constant support and just generally being brilliant.

To Moomin and Alman. I could NOT do any of this without you. I love you both with all my heart.

And that Cat of mine, Gus. I have to mention him. He is furry, lies all over my keyboard, puts his paws into my printer and sleeps all day. What would I do without you?

Lastly, thank you to everyone in 'Go Big or Go Home' for your encouragement, support and interesting company name ideas.

I love you all. I am very lucky.

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