Are you watching a cat video?

29 August 2014 on Blog by jen

It's Friday. This often results in high spirits and the occasional cat video...

In March 2014 Tim Berners-Lees, the chap who invented the internet (thanking you!), was asked what he didn't foresee as one of the main reasons for use of the internet. He replied with just one word. 'KITTENS'.

It is estimated that an enormous 15% of ALL internet traffic is cat related. (I feel partly responsible).

A recent documentary on Channel 4 shed new light on 'The Rise of Superstar Pets' and focused on some very well known feline faces - well known to us anyway! These included Grumpy Cat and Bronte, the star of the 'Three' advert. Cute sells and this means using animals to push your brand and products. It works - Dulux and Andrex have been doing it for years. But it does seem that where dogs started, cats have now followed with great gusto.

It is a really interesting watch, so get it here while you can.

And in the mean time, because it IS Friday - here are some treats for you. Some of our favourite internet cat videos:

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