Cillit Bang have decided to drop Barry Scott from their advertising campaigns. I know, we are in shock too. No longer will we hear his dulcet tones shout the words 'Bang! And the dirt is gone' at us from the TV. Instead he will be replaced by a younger chap who is rather easy on the eye and who will clean and dance at the same time! Will the wonders of advertising never cease?

As a tribute, they have released this very catchy Mashup of all of Barry Scott's best bits.

And if you are keen to see what the new 'cleaner' - who was a former backing dancing for Madonna looks like - then feast your eyes on this.

But why do companies rebrand? And why now, when Barry has melted the hearts of so many while polishing a few surfaces.

If you are thinking about a rebrand, like Cillit Bang, then the first question to ask yourself is why are you thinking about rebranding. This might seem like an obvious question, but do you need to rebrand?

Lots of companies decide to rebrand but the approach to this will be determined by the catalyst.

Mergers and Acquisitions
Changes in business ownership often result in rebranding. This is simply because people often have different opinions on what works and how a company should be represented. A merger or acquisition can also mean a change in name, so a rebrand to pull everyone together is a must.

Repositioning Services
If your services are changing then your branding might too, especially if your name is specific to a service that might no longer be offering.

Going International or Changing Markets
If your current name ties you to a location or a market, then if you are looking to diversify in these areas, then rebanding would be the right way to go.

Shaking a previous bad rep
Burberry is an excellent example of this. Remember the black, tan and red check pattern worn by 16 year old boys on baseball caps? They needed to do something to restore the 150 year brand to its former glory, so after some new leadership and the endorsement of Emma Watson and Kate Moss, they are back on top.

Refresh and modernise current branding
Put simply, this is about bringing a brand into the latest century. A good example is Coca Cola. They have been through all sorts of structural changes, but to us the most recognisable part - the logo - has simply evolved. The product itself, remains the same and the offering (although they may have added a few 'flavours').

Rebranding Properly

Rebranding is not merely updating your logo or changing your name. It is all encompassing; taking into consideration your company goals, the language you use to get your message out, your company culture as well as your product offerings. You have to think about how you are perceived and how you want to be perceived.

A good example is McDonald's. The Golden Arches dominated the fast food industry and a 'restaurant' (I don't know how you could call it that) could be found on every corner of every town. And then suddenly people realised that they weren't actually that good for them. In order to still remain a staple in so many diets McDonald's had to make a change and started to introduce salads and now their advertising is awash with 'healthy eating' slogans. Whilst not as popular as they once were, they have seen their customer base slowly return. Thankfully they seem to have done away with Ronald.

More recently, Mastercard have had a rebrand of their visual identity. Mastercard, with its overlapping red and yellow circles, is one of the most recognised brands in the world. The updated version has been completely simplified but the 50 year old brand is still instantly recognisable (see more here).

Never under estimate the power of branding. Apple was almost bankrupt in 1997 and now no home is complete without an Apple product. Confused about your branding? Give us a call.

Cillit Bang will have very good reason for the rebrand but mark our words, Barry Scott will be back.

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