We all use Facebook when we are at work. I have Facebook open right now, so I can see what is happening in the world outside without looking out of the window.

'Facebook at Work' was the working title but on Monday October 10th 2016 Facebook took their new offering out of Beta and named their commercial offering 'Workplace'...just in case you were confused about where you should be using it.

The idea behind Workplace is to provide a better platform for collaboration to get work done by connecting people within the workplace.

Workplace is separate to your personal Facebook, so whatever you are talking about in Workplace is only shared there. The advertising has been stripped out too - so you can be totally focused on the job in hand. Video chat, group chats and a news feed to keep you engaged with what is happening in your company and who is doing what.

Facebook wants to connect the world but they also want you to pay for the privilege - $3 per user, per month. I am pretty sure that this was not what Tim Berners-Lee had in mind, but what do I know.

Workplace is probably a pretty good idea for companies where employees aren't all working in the same space, like JooJoo, but for now we are pretty happy with G Suite and Basecamp.

Interested? Check it out here workplace.fb.com

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