Wes Anderson has directed a short film to launch the H&M 2016 Christmas Collection, which was created by Adam&Eve/DDB, who produced John Lewis’ 2016 Christmas Advert.

As you would expect from Anderson, the advert is a beautiful, explosion of pastel colours and stars, his pal, Adrien Brody who of course appeared in Wes Anderson's The Darjeeling Limited, The Grand Budapest Hotel and Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Brody plays the train driver on the 'Winter Express', who has to explain to the passengers that their train has been delayed for 11 and a half hours (typical of Southern Rail).

The only positive to come out of the train delay is the spectacular Christmas brunch, which brings together everyone on the train including an 'unaccompanied minor'.

What stands out for us - other than it being unmistakeably Anderson - is that whilst the advert is clearly for H&M, The 2016 Collection doesn't take centre stage. Instead the message of 'coming together' is central to the piece.

And in a time where things are rather uncertain, this has resonated with us...

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