H&M and Women in Advertising

21 September 2016 on Blog by jen

The role of women in advertising has always played a big part of the 'decision to buy' process. That may seem like an obvious observation to make - and it is - but whether the decision maker is a woman or not, the way that women are portrayed can be make or break parting with that cold, hard cash.

These days seeing a seemingly untouchable (although ironically, probably not Photoshop untouched) woman wearing a tight dress, driving a fast car or sporting a pretty watch, is not going to cut it with the general populous. We want something real.

Enter the latest advert for H&M. Whilst we can't all identify with weight lifting, dominating the boardroom or eating chips in bed (you really should try it...), the concept is clear; woman of all ages, ethnicities, empowered and real. Whilst a few models do appear in the Autumn Collection advert, H&M have done something that a lot of the other high street retailers are yet to do in the same vein or with the same conviction.

The whole advert is set to a remake of Tom Jones' classic 'She's a Lady' performed by Lion Babe, with the short film hoping to help redefine what it is to be a lady.

Grab your chips and take a look!

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