I recently watched an excellent video explaining the 'harsh truth about Magento Enterprise'. What follows is me totally nerding out to this explanation by Tim Bezhashvyly of 21sportsgoup.

We often get asked by our clients whether they should be using Magento Community Edition (CE) or Enterprise Edition (EE) for their e-commerce site. We here at JooJoo use the Community Edition of Magento. Magento changes and evolves with every version but since it's birth and 1.1, Magento has come a LONG way. As you would expect by now, we have become pretty well versed in Magento, it's idiosyncrasies, what you can do with it and how we can work with Magento AND the array of extension developers to hit our client's goals.

You might be reading this now wondering what the difference is between the CE and EE versions of Magento, so let me explain.

Magento Community - in a nutshell - is free. There is no support for developers but instead a community has been established online to help and assist each other with it's development. There is no hotline to Magento or specific support and that is why it is free.

Magento Enterprise costs around £10,00 a year per installation. It comes with bells and whistles and a special number that you can ring and speak to a person about your site. Apparently.

So as a developer like us or a store owner, you have the choice of FREE and you doing your own digging and research versus a tonne of cash a year, some 'bells and whistles' and support.

This is where the video comes in. Tim makes and excellent analogy which completely explains the difference between Magento Community and Magento Enterprise.

You are buying a car. Enterprise is the car that comes with the kid's seats, TVs, alloys and a bunch of other things that you might not need pre-installed, therefore making the car heavier, slower and less economical and efficient. You don't even have kids!

Those of you who are smart, will buy the standard model and pick and choose the additional functionality that you want so that you don't end up with a White Elephant.

In a nutshell for £10,000 a year you will get a bunch of questionable extension that you probably won't use that you could get for free or a much smaller fee. Enterprise also claims to be more secure - it is not - and the support is non-existent. What an excellent deal!

That is the difference between Magento Enterprise and the Community Edition.

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