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At the beginning of the year I spent a month contacting a plethora of hosting companies.

Over the years I have dealt with quite a few different hosting companies, either on behalf of clients or because I have had my own contracts with them. What I have found is that regardless of the money you invest in your hosting or server, actually speaking to a human being when you need to is often rather difficult.

So back to the beginning of the year. Fresh with enthusiasm, I contacted a bunch of different hosting companies, specifically with a Magento client in mind.

Magento is resource hungry and in my opinion a need to understand this powerful e-commerce platform by your hosting company is a necessity.

Out of the companies that I contacted, around half came back to me including Matt from Nimbus who completely understood what my client required and gave me the facts and figures that I needed to relay, without the hard sell or fluff.

To cut a long story short, since January several of our clients have moved to Nimbus - either taking advantage of their seriously no-hassle, free migration or simply setting up their new Magento stores with them. What instantly impressed me and has continued to do so, is the level of communication - something that we here at JooJoo are very big on. I can send an email to the team and get an email back from a human who responds directly to my query and gives fantastic advice. Their knowledge is excellent and as you can tell we cannot recommend them high enough.

Please note that this little plug for Nimbus, is not because we have a referral kick back scheme going on. This is simply because we have done the leg work and we want you to benefit from it, if you are indeed looking for hosting for your website - be it a Magento store, WordPress or something else.

If you want us to make the intro for you, then we will happily do so. And if you just want to buy them a beer, then they would love that too.

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