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CK Futures

CK Futures are a team of professional CV writers, who help around 600 people a month to find their dream job.

CK Futures approached JooJoo to help them to improve all aspects of their marketing. On assessment of the site it was clear that a lot of work needed to be done to increase traffic and conversions...and then Google applied an exclusion on the site - which appeared in Google Webmaster tools - and explained why the site was not ranking! So we had our work cut out for us right from the beginning.

Our approach

  • Having assessed where the issues where (interesting back link tactics employed by the previous SEO company!!) we set about applying for a reinclusion, whilst cleaning up the site and ensuring that we followed Google's rules to the letter!
  • We reassessed all of the keywords to ensure that we were targeting relevant terms, both in natural search and within the CK Futures Pay per Click campaigns.
  • Created a blog section for helpful advice, tips and resources for job seekers, allowing us to create engaging and optimised content for the site.
  • Set up and begun managing the CK Futures Google+, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles so that we could start increasing social traffic whilst we fixed the issues with the lack of Organic search traffic.
  • We redesigned the site to help users find what they are looking for and to streamline content.
  • Implemented social bookmarking and easy payment/ download for products.
  • We created an email marketing template and started regular communication with the CK customer base, again to drive additional traffic and sales to the site.


  • GOOGLE EXCLUSION BAN LIFTED! After 2 months of work to lift the ban, Google accepted the reinclusion request and the site started ranking again in Organic search results.
  • We have increased the Organic Traffic by 600% and the site now has a regular stream of email and social traffic.
  • The site can now take payments and we have increased conversions by adding easy to fill in enquiry forms throughout the service pages.
  • We have created additional AdGroups within the CK Adwords account to capitalise on keywords that they are yet to rank for and to bring an additional revenue stream to the site.

Overall, the site now looks as professional as the service provided by Charlotte and her amazing team of CV writers. Every month we spend time looking for ways to improve apon everything that we are doing to ensure that we stay fresh and continue to increase the traffic numbers and sources.

The Website: www.ckfutures.co.uk

JooJoo Creative were recommended to us and we have been delighted with their work. Jen took the time to get to know our business and our customers, making it possible for her to create a user friendly website and create monthly marketing campaigns to help us reach new and existing customers. JooJoo now manage our website, SEO as well as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs for us. They are great at researching and finding related articles to interest our customers on a regular basis.

Jen is also the most organised person I have worked with and provides great value for money, offering detailed progress reports on a monthly basis. Jen has a well informed and creative team at her fingertips and provides a very quick response to what is needed.

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