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Manor Courses

Manor Courses are an English Summer School based in Sussex. Every July and August they open their doors to 8-17 year olds from all over the world and teach them English.

Back in 2012 Manor Courses came to us as they had a site built in an unintuitive content management system, that often deleted code and required a yearly licence. Joy, right? So we rebuilt it using a theme and in WordPress. Boom. Whilst a massive improvement, which coupled with moving to Nimbus for their hosting and email actually saved them money, as the business grew and branding changed, they needed a new site that reflected their new image.

Whilst you are not meant to have favourite projects, just as you aren't allowed to have favourite children, this was a real JooJoo team effort and a site that we are all incredibly pleased with.

Our approach

  • The first port of call was the sitemap and reorganising all of the content into clear pages and blocks. Key to reorganising the content, was to ensure that all of the most important, decision making information was accessible and not buried in a sub page.
  • We carried out keyword research and rewrote all of the top line pages with search engine optimisation in mind as well as streamlining the content to make the salient points easy to find.
  • We redesigned the entire website, working with the new brand and imagery to create an engaging and exciting site.
  • We utilised a WordPress theme, which allowed us to work to budget but yet produce a responsive and bespoke website.
  • All data from the successfully filled in forms is collected in the back office, emailed to the client and measured in Google Analytics.
  • We integrated a Mailchimp sign up form and Social Bookmarking to help grow the Manor Courses audience.
  • In order to help engage with audiences from around the world, we also integrated an Auto Translate tool into the site - this is a really lovely touch!


"Working with JooJoo Creative has been a pleasure right from the start. Not only are they constantly professional but they have delivered a fantastic (and on budget) website that has assisted us in reaching our online sales targets. Their comprehensive technical support and high standard of customer care has also been really valuable to us. It’s a great partnership, we are so pleased to been working with JooJoo."

Nick Barnard, Director - Manor Courses

The Website: www.manorcourses.co.uk

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