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Merc Clothing

We were approached by Merc as they were looking for a digital agency to work with on website improvements and weekly creative for offers - all with the specific goal of optimising their conversion rate across all activities.

Merc is a brand steeped in history! Merc, established by Javid Alavi in 1967, started life as a market stall and quickly grew to its own shop on Carnaby Street and now is online. Merc has dressed the likes of Blur, The Rolling Stones and Desmond Decker and continues to be the preferred brand for Mods.

From the start, we were and continue to be very excited by this project. We work closely with the awesome team at Merc to support the wider picture of Merc's goals, whilst also carving out monthly digital projects and tasks that we busy ourselves with.

Our approach


  • We design weekly targeted eshots in line with the Merc offerings and send to segmented and grouped customers to ensure a higher open rate and increase in sales as a result.
  • Onsite creative to support all eshot and offsite marketing, with the key objective being to engage and increase the conversion rate from the various activities.
  • Reskin of main site and Spanish store for all new Collection Launches and LAUNCH of Euro website with specific IP targeting just for countries trading in Euros.


  • We have added several new features and modules to the Merc website to help increase conversions including (but not limited to) Follow up mailers, Abandon Cart, 'Merc Movement' loyalty scheme, related and cross sell products as well as new promotional areas across the site.
  • Introduced new categories and attributes to help refine product searches for customers.


  • We carried out extensive keyword research and have started carrying out onsite keyword optimisation to help increase ranking across the breath of Mod related terms.
  • We have moved all email marketing from Pure360 to MailChimp and integrated the mailing lists (which is a far better system with excellent customer service) and are now able to provide full reporting.
  • Google Remarketing to specifically market products that customers have previously browsed and Facebook advertising to up-sell to existing customers as well as increase the customer base.



  • 27% increase in the Ecommerce Conversion Rate (so far...!!) [Note that this does not take into account THE SALE where the ECR increased by 78% since we started in March 2015].
  • 30% in the number of transactions and as a result a 38% increase in Revenue.
  • Increase in SERPs for all keywords with all Mod related terms on Page 1.


The Websites:

"Within the first month of working with JooJoo, we saw an increase in conversion and a drop in bounce rates. With their guidance we learnt to optimise the site efficiently while the JooJoo team knocked up exciting and brand relevant creative. Three months in we had integrated dropped basket extensions, loyalty schemes and a more efficient mailing system. Our monthly report shows a steady increase in figures and a comprehensive breakdown as to how effective each campaign has been. JooJoo work within our monthly budget, provide technical support and education to our e commerce department, and are considered by the entire office as an extension of the Merc Team. They are a genuine pleasure to work with."

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