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Permanent Solutions Direct

We have worked with Permanent Solutions Direct since the dawn of JooJoo and are very big fans of the work that they do. They are NOT like any recruitment agency that YOU have ever worked with. They care. Genuinely. About each candidate they are working with to place and each client who has a role that they are looking to fill.

Their site was built in a bespoke CMS and whilst it had done them proud, it had a few back end issues. Bespoke Custom Management Systems are great but we are big champions of OPEN SOURCE as it allows your site to grow as you do. As such, WordPress was always going to be the way forward along with a few Permanent Solutions Direct personal touches!

Our approach


  • First things first - CONTENT HIERARCHY - otherwise know as the sitemap. We reorganised all of the content to be in line with the rebrand as a purely HR Recruitment focused agency.
  • The ladies at PSD LOVE pink and as part of their branding this played a big part in the redesign.
  • PSD run a networking group called Circle of Peers and are always involved in events, so the new site needed to incorporate areas to promote this.
  • We created a bespoke job system, which means that PSD no longer have to sync the job data from their CRM to the site.
  • The site is built in modules, which can easily be switched on or off and called into any page.
  • The navigation is set to have a parallax scrolling function, which means regardless of where you are on the page, you can easily navigate around the site.
  • Social channels have all been integrated into the site.
  • The site is now fully responsive, allowing for job application across all devices.
  • We also updated the jobs post which is used for social promotion of roles and redesigned the email templates - all as part of the rebrand of the online profile.


The Website: www.permanentsolutionsdirect.co.uk

Quite simply we love Jen and her fabulous team at JooJoo. We truly consider them to be part of our team and they are integral to our business, indeed we couldn’t and wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the expertise they bring to the table.

The thing about JooJoo is that they ‘get’ us. From managing our social media presence on a daily basis with integrity, humour and relevance to completing the work on our amazing new website, JooJoo have captured the essence of what we do at Permanent Solutions Direct and teamed that with their incredible expertise and knowledge to surpass our expectations. They are always on hand if we are stuck on ‘techy’ questions and proactive in problem solving and adding their creative genius when required.

The key to our relationship with JooJoo is trust. We trust them with our business and know that we can rely on them to make our ideas happen in a fresh and exciting way.

Emma Packer, Finance Director - Permanent Solutions Direct

A full 94% of professional recruiters now use social media for talent acquisition and management.

Permanent Solutions Direct required a 21st century social media presence that communicates with candidates plus existing and potential clients. Promoting the job vacancies they have available to professionals working in the HR sector whilst also communicating some of the businesses USP.

JooJoo provide a fully integrated day to day management of all of the agencies social media profiles. We ensure that we provide platform relevant content to each social channel with messages tailored to the channel to ensure maximum user engagement. We manage their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram.

From the outset, our management of Permanent Solutions social media presence dramatically increased their websites social referral traffic - with an increase in user visits of 184%.

Over the years we have continued to expand social activity as well as increasing the number of users, pages per session and conversions. The social media management we provide them has contributed to providing greater brand awareness within the sector whilst also ensuring that the agency is able to concentrate on the day to day running of the agency knowing that their social presence is run effectively and professionally at all times.

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