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Stick It On

If you haven’t heard of the phenomenon that is Stick It On, then please allow us to educate you.

Stick It On takes your regular party, wedding reception or corporate event and gives your guests the chance to DJ for 15 minutes of fame. No DJ experience is required as the Stick It On team are on hand to assist you. Having done this myself, I can vouch – that if I can do it – then anyone can!

Stick It On were keen to optimise the site as well as increase conversions, so that is what we did.

Our approach

  • Following extensive keyword and competitor research we optimised all aspects of the site, reworking content where applicable, creating new pages for optimised content as well as carrying out offsite link building.
  • We redesigned the blog to help better organise and communicate the content.
  • We integrated the Stick It On social media channels, social bookmarking and added a MaiChimp sign up form.
  • We added forms to each of the service pages to help increase conversions. All details are sent to SIO as well as collected in the back office.
  • Created and managed a Pay per Click Adwords Campaign with the specific aim of increase brand exposure and conversions.
  • Reworked aspects of the site to speed up the load time.
  • Gave advice on how SIO could themselves help to increase ranking and improve aspects of the site.
  • MailChimp newsletter template designed to help engage and encourage social sharing to increase brand exposure.
  • Google Analytics fully integrated to monitor all aspects of user behaviour on-site.



Over the course of 5 months...

  • Previously the SIO site was not ranking for any of the business related terms you would expect it to rank for. The site now ranks for all terms.
  • Website sessions have increased by 63% and Pageviews have increased by 62%.


The Website: www.stickiton.org.uk

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