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The Herb Kitchen

We love food, so this project for The Herb Kitchen was a particularly mouthwatering experience.

The Herb Kitchen provides a completely unique catering experience and so the website needed to reflect this. Will from The Herb Kitchen had a really clear vision for the website, so armed with this and our HTML crayons we got to work!

On a side, this project is an excellent example of why having well thought out and considered photography can really help to make a website. All credit to StrangeDaze for that.
Equally we would also like to mention Jake and Freya from WitShop, who designed all of the branding, which we seriously love.

Our approach

  • We created a sitemap to organise the content in a helpful and clear way, so that users can easily find what they are looking for.
  • We took and WordPress theme which we then customised to reflect the branding and incorporate all of the fantastic imagery.
  • Parallax scrolling technique used throughout the site.
  • Pop ups for the sample menus to keep the site clutter free.
  • Social media channels have also been integrated into the site.
  • Google Analytics installed, title tags and meta descriptions optimised and the site submitted to Google Webmaster Tools.

The Website: www.the-herbkitchen.com

Working with the JooJoo crew was great from start to finish! Always on hand whenever we needed them and finished our site bang on our deadline. We can honestly say we are so pleased with the result bringing our new business venture into the real world! VOTE FOR JOOJOO! - Will Murgatroyd, The Herb Kitchen

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