Southern Rail Tycoon

15 July 2016 on Blog by jen

Our very clever friends at RamJam have created a game based on Southern Rail's inability to get people from A to B by cutting 341 trains a day until further notice.

This is perfect game for when you are standing on the platform as the the voice over the tannoy announces that your train won't be coming or when you are sandwiched on a packed commuter train with nowhere to sit, having paid a fortune for the pleasure.

While away hours stopping guards boarding trains and collecting fares and feel the pain and anguish of being stuck miles from home, yet again, slowly slip away as you earn massive profits.

Once you have finished playing you can then tweet Southern Rail, letting them know your score or contact them to claim compensation.

Oh you want to play? Here you go

Well done RamJam. The most passive aggressive but yet best use of your time to date.

We applaud you.


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