It's been a wee while since we have written a blog and because of a recent spate of site hacks - it happens - and nothing to be too worried about if you have website back ups in place. YAY.

Some hosting companies can be pretty mean. If something happens to your site and a nasty bit of malware gets in, they can remove your site without letting you know and charge you an absolute fortune to get it running again, if you don't have back ups. Or they will simply tell you that there is nothing that they can do and you are left high and dry without a site. It happens. In the last 6 months we have rebuilt 4 websites, essentially, from scratch. We could name web hosting company names, but we aren't like that...

As you know, we don't provide hosting which means that if something happens to your site, we don't have a copy of it. It is up to you to make sure that back ups are in place with your hosting company or that you have some other way of backing up your site in place.

We ALWAYS recommend Nimbus Hosting for hosting because, if you haven't realised by now, the service and expertise that they provide is second to none. Their back up plans look like this:

  • Onsite Backup - Entry Level Packages: £7.50 PER MONTH +VAT @ 20%
  • Onsite Backup - Premium Cloud Packages: £15 PER MONTH +VAT @ 20%
  • Offsite Backup - Entry Level Packages: £15 PER MONTH +VAT @ 20%
  • Offsite Backup - Premium Cloud Packages: £25 PER MONTH +VAT @ 20%


This is the key difference - in case you wondered:

Onsite backups. Nightly backup of your entire server and exports of all DB’s, and 30 day snapshot history kept. Stored on our backup node at same Data Centre as your server.
Offsite backups. Same plan/storage as Onsite, but data is taken offsite to an entirely different Data Centre at a separate geographical location (a different datacentre).

Essentially, Offsite will mean that a disaster at the main DC e.g. fire/flood/ect would mean your data is still stored elsewhere.

Nimbus can advise you on the best solution (if your hosting is already with them or if you are looking to move) but if you have a BIG Magento Ecommerce store, then something offsite would probably be best. And for a small WordPress site then the onsite entry level back ups should be fine. See more about Nimbus hosting here.

WordPress back up alternative

An alternative for smaller WordPress sites or those on shared hosting was suggested to us by Matt at Nimbus, which uses your DropBox account. It automatically uploads a backup of your entire website, including all files and its database to your DropBox account. You just need an account and PHP 5.2.16 or higher with cURL support. More info available here Give us a shout if you want to talk about us getting this set up for you.

If you are debating whether to get back ups or not, then think about the cost of rebuilding your site from scratch against paying for back ups. #justsaying

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