Now and again you find something that inspires both your ears and your eyes. This is one of those occasions.

This is from The Staves debut album 'Born & Dead & Grown' and is truly lovely. Not only does it warm you from the inside out (like a microwave) but it is so lovely to see someone using illustration in animation for their music video. The people behind the video are Karni + Saul. It makes me think of 'Where The Wild Things Are', which is a favourite book of mine.

As Mart says 'That's a beautiful video, I didn't realise people made good videos any more, as all the ones on in the Gym are shit.'
I didn't know that Mart went to the gym, but that is another story in itself.

Give it a listen and a watch and let us know what you think. Check out their website too, which they illustrate themselves

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