Twitter Trends of 2014 #SELFIE

10 December 2014 on Social Media by jen

2014 has without question been the year of the #selfie with over 92m tweets mentioning the word 'selfie'.

Other than seeing far too much of Kim Kardashin, what have people been talking about?

David Levin, Twitter Spokesperson and Professional Tweeter discusses what was trending on Twitter during 2014.

Some of the highlights:
Ellen Degeneres Oscar #selfie was a big hit with over 3m retweets.
People have been talking about the World Cup - remember that?!
Harry Styles and One Direction have been dominating Twitter through 2014 - with half of the Top 10 most followed UK accounts belonging to them!
In the London specifically, the Tube strike, London Fashion Week, Marathon and Gay Pride got a look in.

Watch the short video here

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