If you have a WordPress website, then this post is relevant to you! We have put together a 'maintenance' package, as once we have delivered a site (whether WordPress or Magento) the upkeep of core versions, plugins and extensions is responsibility of the client and we are not liable for any loss of earning, or breaches in security arising from them not being maintained (just making that clear).

WordPress releases around 15 new versions each year and similarly plugin developers also update their extensions throughout the year. Keeping WordPress and its plugins up to date is a crucial part of ensuring your site safe and free from vulnerabilities. We know that some clients either do not have the time or are wary of doing this themselves which is we are now offering a monthly WordPress maintenance package.

How the WordPress Maintenance Package Works:

Initially we will carry out an audit to determine what security needs are relevant to your site:

- Establishing your back-up procedures and advising as necessary.
- Performing a full scan of your site for any existing vulnerabilities.
- Ensuring your site is correctly registered with Google Webmaster Tools.
- Installing and configuring the WordFence security plugin if not already in place (https://en-gb.wordpress.org/plugins/wordfence/).
- Depending on the nature of your site we might suggest purchasing the premium version of WordFence, as this provides a higher level of control over the your sites security.

Subsequently we will spend up to 2 hours per month keeping a watchful eye on your site, performing updates to the WordPress core and Plugins as they become available, investigating and resolving any security issues that arise and managing your sites relationship with Google Webmaster Tools to ensure that Google knows your site is healthy and clean.

Due to the nature of a compromised site, troubleshooting and resolving issues can be complex as fixes need to be monitored to ensure they hold, tracking down malicious code can time consuming and Google Webmaster Tools needs to know that any fixes have been resolved and often requires re-visiting in order to do this.

Should we need to spend longer than 2 hours we will discuss this with you before continuing, but any further work will be charged at our prevailing rate.

If this is something that you wish to discuss, then please drop us a line support@joojoocreative.com.

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